6EP0 133-1AA00-0AA1

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Repair and Replacement for 6EP0 133-1AA00-0AA1




Product Info

Power Supply Unit 24VDC INPUT:87-264V AC OUTPUT:24V DC / 2A




We have substantial experience and repair facilities for equipment for all types of industry, specializing in the Power Supply.

Electronics repair is our core business, so unlike OEM, we invest all our skills and energy to tailor a high-quality and cost-effective repair solution to the needs of our customers.

We troubleshoot at the component level using industry-standard testing equipment. We use the test equipment to look for ‘electronic signatures’ from similar components to ascertain the component’s condition. If we suspect the component to be faulty, we replace it. We continue till all the components have been tested onboard.


Buying a refurbished can offer great savings than before, and at Shawa, all of our refurbished parts give you complete peace of mind.


With Shawa conversion services, you can take advantage of our extensive automation experience and receive a complete upgrade solution, including hardware, software, and startup services.


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