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We at Shawa Technocrafts Pvt Ltd specialise in repairing electronic boards! Because of the expertise of our highly educated technical staff, we can swiftly and affordably repair your  Printed Circuit Board. A printed circuit board (PCB), often known as an electronic board, is a basic element in the area of electronics. It functions as a mounting and interconnecting platform for electronic parts such as connectors, resistors, capacitors, and microchips. We are persistent in our dedication to perfection and feel that every electronics board we repair needs to exceed current industry requirements in addition to complying with them.


Our industry experts develop and manufacture Printed Circuit Board with accuracy whether it is for consumer electronics, automotive applications, medical devices, robotics, or aerospace systems to assure the best possible performance, dependability, and effectiveness. Quality control is the foundation of all we do. Each Printed Circuit Board that carries the name of our industry is required to pass rigorous testing and adhere to strict quality control standards. Customers from startups to Large 50+ organisations trust us to provide the critical components that fuel their inventions all throughout India because of our dedication to quality.

In addition, we at Shawa Technocrafts value sustainability. Our environmentally conscious manufacturing processes not only lessen our impact on the environment, but they also support the worldwide drive towards a more sustainable future. We take this obligation very seriously and are delighted to help the electronics sector become more sustainable in the future.

Top Categories of Board

I/O Board

Input channels and output channels are the two basic divisions found on I/O boards. The computer can monitor and gather data from numerous sensors or switches thanks to input channels, which enable the board to accept digital signals from external devices. The computer may transmit binary signals to external devices like relays, actuators, or lights via output channels, on the other hand. 

Input output Board

Analog I/O Board

These boards’ analogue input channels are made to record continuous signals from different sensors and transducers, including temperature sensors, pressure sensors, strain gauges, and microphones, which produce electrical voltages corresponding to the physical parameter being measured. These voltage signals are converted into digital values that the computer can understand and process by the high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) on the analogue I/O board. 

analog Input Output Board

Communication Card

Often supporting a wide range of communication protocols and standards, communication cards are flexible and adaptive. Due to their adaptability, they may combine various devices, such as sensors, actuators, motor drives, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and human-machine interfaces (HMIs), into a single, linked network. The foundation of industrial automation is this networked infrastructure.

Communication Card

Filter Board

The primary function of a filter card is to remove electrical noise and interference common in industrial settings, including EMI from machinery, voltage spikes, and harmonics from equipment like VFDs. With this defence, sensitive equipment is shielded from high-frequency emissions and voltage swings. In order to keep steady power within predetermined voltage limits and protect crucial machinery from malfunctions and damage, filter boards utilise components like capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

filter board

Board Product List

ManufacturerModel Number
ABBAOFC-03Click Here
ABBRRFC 6651Click Here
ABB3BSC980004R821Click Here


Which electronic board types are most frequently utilised in industry?

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) boards, communication interface cards, analogue input/output boards, and power distribution boards are a few examples of the common types of electronic boards used in industry.

What factors are most important to take into account while choosing electronic boards for industrial use?

When choosing electronic boards, it's important to consider elements like interoperability with current systems, communication protocols, ruggedness for the industrial environment, and the precise functionality necessary.

How can businesses make sure that electronic boards used in industrial applications are reliable?

In order to guarantee the dependability of electronic boards in industrial settings, regular testing, quality control, and adherence to manufacturer requirements for installation and maintenance are all necessary.

When purchasing electronic boards for industrial usage, how crucial are certifications and compliance?

Yes, boards are guaranteed to satisfy safety and performance criteria through certifications like CE, UL, and compliance with industry standards.

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