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Here at Shawa Technocrafts Pvt Ltd, we are the Electronic Controller repair experts! Our highly trained technical staff has learnt how to properly service your Electronic Controller, and we can repair quickly and economically. Doing Electronics Controller repair since 2009 all major brands serviced factory trained technicians dynamic load testing Shawa Technocrafts Is the Leader in Quality Electronic Controller Repair. Many of our customers want a comprehensive service to deal with all of their industrial electronic repair needs.


Shawa Technocrafts Pvt Ltd services all major brands of Electronics Controller including Allen Bradley, ABB, Yaskawa, Danfoss, Magnetek, Parker, Mitsubishi, Saftronics and many others. Our technicians have attended many VFD manufacturer training classes to ensure they have great knowledge of the products they are servicing, and to keep them up to date on the latest technologies associated with drive products on the market today. This includes PSU, PCB, Process Control Instrumentation and Test Instrumentation as well as General Electronics. Shawa Technocraft has risen to this challenge by diversifying into many other areas and gaining the necessary skills enabling us to offer this service with confidence.

Top Categories of Controller


A key part of environmental and climate control systems, hygrostat controllers play a crucial role when controlling relative humidity (RH) levels in a particular area or piece of equipment. Its function, which is similar to that of a thermostat for temperature, is to maintain ideal humidity levels. It has a humidity sensor built into its structure that continually checks the relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding area. 



The exemplary individuals of industrial automation, switch controllers are essential to coordinating smooth and effective operations in challenging production environments. These seemingly innocuous objects serve as essential conduits, exerting precise control over the machines and processes that drive contemporary industry. They serve as the brain of automation, allowing for precise equipment activation and deactivation.



The vital connection between electrical systems and the mechanical world is provided by motor controllers, which are fundamental parts of industrial automation. Electric motors operate smoothly and precisely in a variety of industrial applications thanks to these adaptable gadgets. They are essentially the link that converts electrical impulses into mechanical motion, making them crucial to manufacturing, robotics, and a plethora of other industrial operations.


Power Meter

 Real-time insight into the power usage of specific equipment or whole production lines is one of the main purposes of a power metre controller. These controllers provide priceless insights into how energy is used in an industrial context by precisely monitoring electrical characteristics including voltage, current, power factor, and energy consumption. Incorporating this data into platforms for industrial automation.

Power Meter

Controller Product List

ManufacturerModel Number
SchneiderEM6436HClick Here
SchneiderVARPLUS LOGIC VL6Click Here
SchneiderMETSEPM2220DClick Here
SchneiderHRCPBG28RClick Here
SchneiderLTMR08PBDClick Here
SchneiderTCSESB083F2CU0Click Here
SchneiderNSYCCOHY230VIDClick Here


Which Kinds of Electronic Controllers Do You Provide?

PLCs are programmed using specialised software, where users design logic diagrams or write code to specify the behaviour and control actions of the system.

What Electronic Controller Should I Use for My Application?

The best controller to choose will rely on your particular application and needs. The type of control required, input/output requirements, and interoperability with your system are all things to think about.

Do you provide solutions for custom electronic controllers?

Yes, we can create electrical controllers just for you and your needs. To talk about your unique requirements, get in touch with our staff.

How Should an Electronic Controller Be Installed and Setup?

Our controllers come with installation and setup instructions. Additionally, if you want assistance with setup, we provide technical support.

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