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Kuka Robotic Arm & Kuka Servo Drive Repairing


Shawa Technocrafts has good news for clients who have installed Kuka Robotic Arm. Shawa has developed testing setup to test Kuka Servo Drives, as we have installed Kuka robotic arm at our Delhi NCR Ghaziabad Workshop. Which allow us facility to test all the Kuka Servo Drives repaired by us before dispatching.
Kuka robotic arms are designed to perform a range of tasks, from assembly and material handling to painting and welding. The control panel is a critical component of the robotic arm, as it allows operators to control the arm’s movements and programming.
Over time, the control panel may become damaged due to wear and tear, Kuka Servo Drive failure, electrical issues, or other factors. If the control panel malfunctions, it can cause the entire robotic arm to stop working, which can result in costly downtime for manufacturers.
Shawa Technocrafts provides a range of services related to Kuka robotic arms, including repairing and servicing the Kuka Servo Drive which controls the robotic arm. Our team of experienced technicians are well equipped in repairing these Kuka robotic arm Servo Drives, because major problem in robotic arm comes from Servo Drives which controls the motors of Arm.
Shawa Technocrafts uses only genuine Kuka parts for repairs, ensuring that the control panel is restored to its original condition and performs as it should. We also provide preventive maintenance services to help prevent future issues with the control panel and other components of the robotic arm.
In conclusion, Shawa Technocrafts is a reliable and trusted provider of Kuka robotic arm control panel repair services. If you have a malfunctioning Kuka Servo Drive or other issues with your Kuka robotic arm, don’t hesitate to contact Shawa Technocrafts for expert repairs and maintenance.
In addition to repairing Kuka robotic arm control panels, Shawa Technocrafts also offers a range of other services related to industrial automation and robotics. We help manufacturers design, install, and maintain robotic systems, and provide training to operators and technicians to ensure that the systems are used safely and efficiently.

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