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Modules Reparing Services

A “module” is a crucial part, an essential component in the equipment that drives contemporary manufacturing and production, in the field of industrial automation. These technological wonders, like those carefully repaired by Shawa Technocrafts, are the experienced engineers working to repair. Each module is a specialised machine that has been carefully repaired to serve a specific role inside the system. Our goal at Shawa Technocrafts is to meet all of your industrial automation demands by offering end-to-end solutions. In addition to developing cutting-edge industrial automation modules.


Our dedication to quality at Shawa Technocrafts goes beyond the production of advanced modules. We are aware that even the most durable components occasionally need maintenance and care. This is the reason we created our Repairing Module. We offer a complete and dependable solution to handle any problems that can develop in your modules with Shawa’s Repairing Module. Our highly qualified engineers and technicians have the skills and knowledge required to identify and fix a variety of module-related issues. Our Repairing Module is created to get your systems back up and operating at optimal efficiency, whether it’s an I/O module that needs to be repaired, a PLC module that needs to be tuned, or any other industrial automation component.

In addition to providing high-quality module repair services, Shawa Technocrafts is dedicated to helping you throughout the whole lifespan of your automation systems. By selecting Shawa Technocrafts, you make a commitment to a partner who is committed to your success. Our Repairing Module is an example of how we’ll fulfil our word and keep your industrial automation processes running smoothly.

Top Categories of Modules

Input Module

In the field of industrial automation, input modules act as the system’s vigilant eyes and alert ears while acting as a crucial bridge between the actual world and the digital universe. The gatekeepers of data collection are these specialised electronic components, which translate real-world occurrences into a language that automation systems can comprehend and respond to. A variety of sensors and detectors are connected to input modules.

INput Module

Output Module

An electrical device known as a DC drive is used to regulate the torque, direction, and speed of a DC (direct current) electric motor. These drives are often used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications where precision control and DC motor performance optimization are crucial.The automation system’s digital choices and instructions are translated into concrete actions in the physical world through output modules. 

Output Module

Digital Input Module

The core of industrial automation systems are digital input modules, which act as the eyes and ears for keeping track of the state of numerous pieces of machinery and processes. These specialised electronic parts are created to connect with a variety of industrial environment digital sensors, switches, and devices. Their main job is to recognise and decipher binary signals produced by these sensors, such as on/off or high/low, and transform them into digital data that the automation system can use. 

digital input module

Digital Output Module

Industrial automation systems must include digital output modules as essential parts because they serve as the executive arm that converts digital control signals from the automation system into actual physical actions. Solenoids, relays, motors, valves, and indicators are just a few examples of the many digital output devices that may be interfaced with by these specialised electronic devices.

digital output module

Modules Product List

ManufacturerModel Number
Allen Bradley1769-AENTRClick Here
OmronCP1W-DA041Click Here
OmronCPM1A-20EDTClick Here
OmronCJ1W-ID231Click Here
OmronCQM1-OD216Click Here
OmronCJ1W-OD231Click Here
OmronC200H-ID217Click Here
OmronC200H-0D215Click Here
ABB3BSE030220R1Click Here
1 2 3 19


Which Module Types Can Be Repaired?

Input/output, control, power supply, and communication modules are just a few of the many types of modules that Module Repairing Systems may work on.

How can I determine if my module needs to be repaired?

Equipment that isn't performing properly, error messages, or unusual system behaviour might all be signs of module problems. It is advised to seek out diagnostic services if you suspect a module issue.

Can Modules Be Upgraded While a Repair Is Being Performed?

Yes, in some circumstances, modules can be upgraded during the repair procedure to include the newest firmware or features, boosting their functionality.

Does Warranty Coverage Include Module Repair?

Many respected repair companies provide guarantees on their work, giving clients confidence in the calibre and dependability of the repairs. Before beginning a repair, make careful to find out the details of the warranty.

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