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If you are looking for a company that can provide fast, high quality repairs of your PLC at a price that saves you money, you’ve found it! Shawa Technocrafts Private Limited has been servicing PLC Cards since 2009 for industries and other users throughout India and abroad. Our customers return time and time again to experience the great customer service and quality PLC repairs we provide.
PLC Software

Our many years of experience performing PLC repair allow us to provide a great cost saving service that you and your company can depend on to add years of life to your existing Programmable Logic Controller and other controls. This is often a much lower cost alternative to purchasing a more expensive new replacement unit that may also require costly re-engineering and programming for your specific application. The option of a PLC repair allows you to easily get your system back into production with a minimum of effort on your end – no re-engineering, programming, changes in wiring or mounting issues to contend with, just plug and play!
Shawa Technocrafts Pvt Ltd services all major brands of AC drives including Allen Bradley, ABB, Yaskawa, Danfoss, Magnetek, Parker, Mitsubishi, Saftronics and many others. Our technicians have attended many PLC manufacturer training classes to ensure they have great knowledge of the products they are servicing, and to keep them up to date on the latest technologies associated with plc on the market today.

Top Categories of PLC

Power Supply Module 

A power supply module is an electronic device that transforms input electrical energy from a power source into the necessary voltage and current levels needed to operate other electronic components and devices within a system.

Power Supply Module

Communication Module

In industrial automation, control systems, and other applications, a communication module is an electronic part or device that facilitates data interchange and communication between various devices, networks, or systems.

Coummincation Module

PLC Rack

A physical enclosure or structure called a PLC rack, often referred to as a PLC chassis or a rack-mounted PLC, is made to house and arrange the many parts of a PLC system. PLCs are frequently used to monitor and operate machinery.

PLC Rack

PLC Input Module

A PLC Input Module is a crucial part of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system that is made to take in and process information from sensors and external devices. Between the actual world and the PLC control programme.

PLC Input Module

PLC Product List

ManufacturerModel Number
OmronZEN-8EDRClick Here
OmronC200H-CPU01Click Here
OmronZEN-4EDClick Here
OmronZEN-10C1DR-D-V1Click Here
OmronCQM1-PA206Click Here
OmronZEN-10C1DR-D-V2Click Here
OmronCQM1-ID211Click Here
OmronC200H-OD215Click Here
OmronC200H-IA122Click Here
OmronC200H-0D211Click Here
1 2 3 60


How are PLCs programmed?

PLCs are programmed using specialised software, where users design logic diagrams or write code to specify the behaviour and control actions of the system.

What programming languages are used in PLCs?

Ladder logic is the traditional programming language for PLCs, however depending on the PLC model, other languages may also be used, such as function block diagrams (FBD) and structured text (ST).

What types of applications use PLCs?

PLCs are used to automate procedures, manage equipment, and keep tabs on systems in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, energy, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and more.

What are the maintenance requirements for PLC systems?

In addition to cleaning, updating software, and replacing worn-out parts like batteries, routine maintenance may also entail checking for loose connections.

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