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Power Supply Unit

We take pleasure in being your reliable partner in the electronics industry here at Shawa Technocraft. We have long been at the forefront of innovation, providing premium solutions to run your systems and gadgets. View our extensive selection of power supplies, each one painstakingly designed to satisfy the many demands of contemporary technology.

power supply unit

The appropriate power supply may make all the difference when it comes to enabling your electrical projects or industrial applications. Our selection of power supplies sets the bar for excellence in the sector with its focus on precise engineering, dependability, and efficiency.

Our power supplies ensure steady and secure power transmission, making them more than simply parts for your devices. Our power supplies lay the groundwork for the smooth operation of your devices since they are precisely constructed for maximum performance and designed with accuracy.

Power Supply Product List

ManufacturerModel Number
OmronCJ1W-PA202Click Here
OmronS8VK-C48024Click Here
OmronS8VK-C24024Click Here
OmronC200H-PS221Click Here
OmronC200HW-PA204Click Here
OmronS8VS-09024Click Here
ABBCP-E24/10-0Click Here
SchneiderABL2REM24150HClick Here
SchneiderABL8 RPS24100Click Here
Schneider140CPS12420Click Here
1 2


Are industrial Power Supply Unit certified and up to industry standards?

Yes, industrial PSUs frequently follow industry norms and certifications like UL/cUL, CE, RoHS, and ISO to make sure they are compliant with safety and performance standards.

Do industrial Power Supply Units offer facilities for remote control and monitoring?

Some cutting-edge industrial PSUs allow for remote monitoring and control, enabling you to keep an eye on power use and status from a distance. This feature is useful for maintenance and troubleshooting.

How can I identify the ideal industrial power supply unit for my factory's machinery?

When choosing an industrial PSU, take into account elements like the power needs of your equipment, the environmental conditions in your facility, and the required voltage and current outputs.

Can industrial PSUs function in high-temperature environments?

Some industrial PSUs are built to function in temperatures that range from extremely low to extremely hot. Look for PSUs with temperature requirements that correspond to your environmental circumstances.

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