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Softstarter Repair

Shawa Technocarfs Pvt Ltd, which is well-known for its knowledge in industrial automation systems, sells a variety of softstarter and offers thorough repair services for these vital parts. In the context of Shawa’s products, a soft starter signifies more than simply a technological advancement; it also serves as a cornerstone for optimising motor-driven applications in a variety of sectors. The team of professionals at Shawa Technocrafts is committed to helping you choose the best soft starter that exactly matches your unique needs, ensuring that your machinery runs smoothly and effectively while consuming the least amount of energy possible.


When you decide to buy or repair a soft starter from Shawa, you have access to a carefully selected range of high-quality, dependable products made to increase the effectiveness and lifespan of your industrial machinery and electric motors. These soft starters, which offer features like voltage ramp-up, current limiting, programmable settings, and sophisticated protection mechanisms, were carefully chosen to fulfil the various requirements of industrial and commercial applications.

Shawa’s dedication to client satisfaction also goes beyond commerce. In addition to offering excellent items, they also provide a thorough soft starter repair service. Shawa’s qualified experts are prepared to diagnose and fix your soft starter quickly and efficiently in the case of a malfunction or breakdown. By minimising downtime, operating interruptions, and equipment wear and tear, this service ultimately helps you save time and money.

Softstarter Product List

ManufacturerModel Number
ABBPSTB370-600-70 Click Here
ABBPSE72-600-70Click Here
ABB1SFA894009R7000Click Here
SchneiderATS22C32QClick Here
SchneiderATS22D62QClick Here
SchneiderATS01N222QNClick Here


Why not start directly on line (DOL) instead of using a soft starter?

The mechanical and electrical stress on motors during beginning is lessened by the use of soft starters. Compared to DOL beginning, they provide a smoother acceleration, reduce inrush current, and increase equipment longevity.

What role does a soft starter play in energy conservation?

Soft starters can conserve energy and minimise damage to motors and mechanical parts by lowering inrush current and preventing violent starts and pauses.

Can an existing motor system be upgraded with a soft starter?

In order to enhance performance and save stress on equipment, soft starts may frequently be installed into already-existing motor systems.

Are there any safety features offered by soft starters?

The safety of the motor and any associated equipment is improved by the inclusion of safety measures in many soft starts, such as overload protection, which helps avoid overheating and motor damage.

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